Day 1

Arrive in Hoedspruit – via Eastgate Airport or transfer by road from Johannesburg International Airport – travel to lodge.

Rest / acclimation day – morning & late afternoon game drive

Your first day will be spent relaxing, becoming orientated with the surroundings & enjoying our wonderful cuisine. Game drives will be done on Excellence which lies along the banks of the Olifants River. It borders on the Greater Kruger National Park allowing for free roaming animals including the Big 5, hippo, crocodile & plenty of antelope. There is also an abundance of bird, plant & insect life to enjoy.

Day 2

Blyde Dam Trip

The Blyde River Canyon is the third-largest canyon on the planet, and the largest green canyon on earth. This is thanks to the verdant greenery that drapes its slopes and nestles in its crevices. As such, it is absolutely awe-inspiring to see and tour, humbling in its scale and magnificent in its fauna and flora.


Outdoor Lunch


Guided game drive / Bushwalk

This will be enjoyed on Excellence providing you with ample opportunity to enjoy the sights & sounds of our beautiful area

Day 3

Kruger National Park day trip

The largest game reserve in South Africa, the Kruger National Park is larger than Israel. Nearly 2 million hectares of land that stretch for 352 kilometres (20 000 square kilometres) from north to south along the Mozambique border, is given over to an almost indescribable wildlife experience.
The Kruger park itself was established in 1898, following a twelve year crusade to conserve the Lowveld wildlife by Paul Kruger, from whom the park takes its name.

Lying in the heart of the Lowveld is a wildlife sanctuary like no other, its atmosphere so unique that it allows those who enter its vastness to immerse themselves in the unpredictability and endless wilderness that is the true quality of Africa.

The Kruger National Park lies across the provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo in the north of South Africa, just south of Zimbabwe and west of Mozambique. It now forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park – a peace park that links Kruger National Park with game parks in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and fences are already coming down to allow game to freely roam in much the way it would have in the time before man’s intervention. When complete, the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park will extend across 35 000 square kilometres, 58% of it South African, 24% Mozambican and 18% Zimbabwean territory.

Day 4

Morning guided game drive/bushwalk

This will be enjoyed on Excellence providing you with ample opportunity to enjoy the sights & sounds of our beautiful area.


Brunch / Lunch


Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) is living proof that people can make a difference to the long-term survival of the planet and its animal inhabitants.
HESC focuses on the conservation of rare, vulnerable and endangered animal species. Cheetah Conservation is one of its core disciplines.
The centre is actively involved in research; breeding of endangered animal species; the education of learners, students and the general public in conservation and conservation-related activities; tourism; the release and establishment of captive-bred cheetahs in the wild; the treatment and rehabilitation of wild animals in need (including poached rhinos); and anti-poaching initiatives on the reserve.
ESC is home to a variety of animal species including (but not limited to) African wild cat, ground hornbill, sable antelope, lion, cheetah, and rhino. Some of these animals are at the centre as part of their breeding programme, while others were brought in because they were injured, orphaned or in need of rehabilitation. Some animals were also brought in by wildlife authorities after being confiscated or rescued from unfavourable environments.

Day 5

Morning guided bushwalk / drive

This will be enjoyed on Excellence providing you with ample opportunity to enjoy the sights & sounds of our beautiful area.

Bush brunch / lunch


Afternoon guided game drive

This will be enjoyed on Excellence providing you with ample opportunity to enjoy the sights & sounds of our beautiful area.

Day 6



Panorama Route – Bourke’s Luck/Three Rondavels/God’s Window/ Graskop/Pilgrim’s Rest

Bourke’s Luck natural water feature marks the beginning of the Blyde River Canyon. Through countless eons the swirling whirlpools which occur as the Treur River plunges into the Blyde River caused waterborne sand and rock to grind huge, cylindrical potholes into the bedrock of the river.
Situated on the Drakensberg escarpment in Mpumalanga is God’s Window. With magnificent views, canyons, rock formations and waterfalls, God’s Window is truly an area of breathtaking scenic splendour. It is no wonder that Mpumalanga is known as Paradise Country.
The Three Rondavels are three round mountain tops with slightly pointed tops, very similar to the traditional round or oval African homesteads made with local materials called rondavels. The view point is spectacular. From here one looks over the canyon to the Three Rondavels on the other side of the northern edges of the Drakensberg range of mountains. An outlook that is overwhelmingly beautiful and deserves more than a moment’s respite.
This will be a full day of sightseeing, lunch will be enjoyed in Graskop where some shopping can be done. There is also a Zipline, Big swing & Lift to enjoy if you’re brave.

Day 7

Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre / Khamai Reptile Park

Moholoholo is home to injured, abandoned and poisoned wildlife. Some of the animals you may stumble across are the lion, cheetah, serval, honey badger, eagles, hyena, leopard, vultures, many baby animals and much more.

Moholoholo started out small with one or two baby and injured animals and word spread about the excellent work done caring for and releasing these animals back into the wild. Some animals that have been rescued cannot be returned to the wild due to their circumstances and have permanent residency at the centre. The staff at the centre are incredibly enthusiastic about creating awareness and helping preserve our wildlife.

Khamai Reptile Park is one of the oldest & most well known reptile centres in South Africa having been in operation since 1984. It has grown from humble beginnings into a hub of innovative learning as well as a well respected conservation, training & education facility. The centre is dedicated to the preservation & conservation of African reptiles & amphibians. Khamai’s aim is educate & inspire people towards a deeper understanding & appreciation of reptiles & amphibians, and to instil in them a desire to preserve all of South Africa’s wildlife & natural heritage.




Local shopping & sightseeing

Hoedspruit is known for having good food & curio shopping as well as some beautiful jewellery. If you are looking for gifts to take home you should be able to find something.


Bush Dinner

Dinner will be enjoyed on the banks of the Olifants River under our bushveld sky

Day 8




Depart  for Johannesburg via Eastgate Airport or transfer to Johannesburg International Airport